Funding commercial litigation

As commercial barristers we are very aware of the very high cost of litigation for both companies and individuals. Whether to pursue a claim should always be a commercial decision informed by the pros and cons, risks and possible benefits. We appreciate that budgeting for what may sometimes be a long process can be a real commercial problem for even the most successful business. Moreover it may involve a level of financial risk which is disproportionate to the possible gain.  There is, however a solution.

Taking on the big boys

Contrary to popular belief commercial lawyers don’t just act for the big boys.  They also take them on for clients who have suffered sometimes very great loss as a result of a breach of contract or other legal wrong committed by, on occasion, very august institutions. You will see from our list of cases elsewhere on this site that we have a record of taking on and succeeding against some of the biggest names in the law, business and the state. We are able to do this because we ensure that our clients’ cases are properly funded throughout so that we can employ the resources, time and effort needed to produce a successful result as quickly as possible.

The solution

Where our clients are either unable or prefer not to devote their own resources to pursuing a claim we can introduce them to funders who will take the strain and the risk.  There is a very wide range of packages available from just insuring against the costs of the other party to fully funding the litigation with virtually no cost to the claimant unless they succeed. We can organise cash flow with the funder to ensure that our costs and fees are covered.

Funding commercial litigation

More information

If you are considering bringing a claim one of our barristers would be pleased to have an initial discussion either face to face or on the telephone to see whether we can assist. Just ring our clerk on 020 3666 5105 or email