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Things you thought you knew but didn’t

Sep 15
Commercial barristers are no more immune to thinking they know things which they don’t than anyone else.  Here is one that we bet very few barristers or indeed anyone else knows they don’t know (unless they practise immigration law). “Non-British EU citizens are free to come to the UK and

Funding commercial litigation

Sep 08
As commercial barristers we are very aware of the very high cost of litigation for both companies and individuals. Whether to pursue a claim should always be a commercial decision informed by the pros and cons, risks and possible benefits. We appreciate that budgeting for what may sometimes be a

UK Government publishes position paper on future judicial cooperation with EU countries on cross-border civil and commercial matters

Sep 01
First it is important to note that the EU and UK government are in broad agreement that any pre-Brexit contracts or civil liability will be governed by the same choice of law and jurisdiction result as at present, including at least in practice the jurisdiction of the ECJ. The EU

Disclosure of judge’s notes

Aug 23
If there is one thing most commercial barristers regard as sacrosanct and beyond their grasp it is the notes that judge’s take during hearings and trials. Not any more. In a far-reaching precedent, obtained due to the 4 year persistence and tenacity of an unhappy litigant, Alfred Percival, the Ministry