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Free Speech

Free Speech and Social Media

Jan 11

Free Speech and Social Media – Will the UK follow Germany?

Free SpeechThe rise of social media use alongside the rapid development of new social media networks over the past decade has brought up

Crypto Currency and its legal regulatory implications

Dec 26

The rise of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in the past six months has seen exponential growth for a number of such cryptocurrencies. As well as Bitcoin – Ripple, IOTA and Ethereum have all seen their value shoot up. This is due to a number of reasons: potential partnerships with

Why can Direct Access be better?

Dec 18

Commercial barristers traditionally were ‘briefed’ by solicitors to represent clients in the courts – and also to advise solicitors ‘behind the scenes’ on what they should do to develop their client’s case. Time has moved on, however, and commercial barristers can and do now carry out all the legal functions

The Development of Business and Property Courts

Dec 08

The new Business and Property Courts created in October 2017 aim to cut costs and time for lawyers by setting up specialist courts in various regions of the UK. This will enable cases to be heard outside London thereby reducing waiting times. The new courts have three main objectives: